Big River Rice & Grain Monticello Plant

Big River’s Preventative Maintenance Program a Success

Big River Rice & Grain reports that growers across the territory have seen improved harvest-season delivery results due to its preventative maintenance program. It’s crucial for growers to focus on getting the best efficiency by avoiding delays and breakdowns that interrupt performance during harvest.

“Our goal is to service our customers with the speed and consistency that they have come to expect from Big River, and then improve on that,” said Big River Senior Vice President of Operations Steve Henderson. “By minimizing downtime at the elevators this past season, Big River ensured that any harvest delays faced by our producers are not due to any inefficiencies on our part. This allowed our growers to focus on getting the best harvest result by counting on a reliable partner in Big River — one who doesn’t interrupt performance.”

Henderson also explained that Big River has pledged a safety and maintenance management program that logs both safety training and equipment maintenance at all facilities. With this program, focus is on preventative maintenance rather than emergency repairs. The result? Growers get their trucks back to the field quickly due to a smooth, efficient operation. The program ensures that time and resources are spent in a logical manner to assure facilities are ready to meet the needs of customers during the busy harvest season. This includes growers and end-users who depend on Big River to meet their requirements and schedules.