He Led the Conversation

“When we merged with Agspring, we increased the scale and efficiency of our infrastructure while keeping in place the people and relationships that are truly important to our success.”

Ron Miller, Big River Rice and Grain Vice President of Operations

When Tubbs Rice Dryers and Raley Brothers, two long-standing family-owned agribusinesses in northeastern Louisiana, wanted to grow bigger and better, they turned to Agspring and formed Big River Rice and Grain.

We’re always looking for open-minded agribusinesses that want to transition their business while staying local and remaining a vital part of the community. At Agspring, we want to bring concrete benefits to the farmer down the road while providing the ideas and resources you need to make your vision a reality.

In the Beginning

“We are excited what our presence as part of the Agspring family will mean for our producer clients and partners in Louisiana,” said Larry Tubbs, CEO of Big River Rice and Grain, after becoming part of the Agspring network. “Our desire is to provide excellent operating infrastructure and a stable partner who is committed to handling transactions quickly.”

Big River operations continue to be managed locally while the company has benefited from corporate support, national supply chain planning and financial backing from Kansas City-based Agspring HQ.

Positive Change Happens Quickly

The merger was announced in early January of 2014, and just over a month later, the first Big River expansion was announced when Bayou Grain and Chemical was added to the fold. Again, operations and management remained local, but the resources available to the regional company increased exponentially.

“We believe joining the Agspring family of companies is the right strategic move,” said Ron Miller, a former manager of Bayou Grain and Chemical and now vice president of operations for Big River Rice and Grain. “Our farming clients respect a partner with a long-term plan to invest in the infrastructure needed to support the flow of grain from our region for the foreseeable future.”

By November of 2014, numerous upgrades across the company’s Arkansas and Louisiana territory had been completed, significantly increasing market opportunities for Big River growers and customers. (See territory map.)

“Increasing the scale and efficiency of our infrastructure provides us a competitive advantage and the ability to maximize the agricultural and economic potential of our region,” said Big River CEO Bert Farrish.


“We have to think globally but, at the same time, bring concrete benefits to the farmer down the road,” said Dusty Clevenger, VP of Business Development & COO of Agspring. “Trust in our operating companies, our growers and customers is built around a common purpose to help small to mid-sized companies compete in an increasingly global marketplace.”

Lead the Conversation

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How do we feed a changing world?

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Stronger Together

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