Thresher Artisan Wheat and La Crosse Seed Launch Cover Crop Offering for Idaho Region

Blackfoot, ID — September 12, 2016 Thresher Artisan Wheat and La Crosse Seed announce the availability of a new collection of cover crop seed mixes tailored for growers in the Idaho region.  The offerings represent an evolutionary new option for growers interested improving their health of their soil while raising input efficiency.

“The evidence that bare, exposed soil is an unnatural state which damages its ability to produce strong healthy yields for our producers has become clear,” said Bradford Warner, Agspring VP of marketing and sustainability. Warner leads the designing of sustainability programs for Thresher. “We’re excited to offer options to growers that help raise yield productivity while delivering positive sustainability results, and cover crops are proving to be a key element in that equation.”

La Crosse Seed has developed three custom mixes for the region including a Basic N Blend to organically improve nitrogen levels, a Fumigator Blend formulated to naturally transition from wheat to potatoes, and a Scavenger Blend to help retain key nutrients in the soil in between crop rotations.

“A field’s continued capacity to reliably produce is directly linked to its health as a living system—a system where quality can be regenerated and delivered season after season,” said Scott Wohltman, La Crosse Seed agronomist and cover crop lead. “With consistent use, these mixes are targeted to improve soil structure and resilience, enhance nutrient availability, suppress harmful pests and ultimately create financial value.”

A dry, windy local climate combines with the unique geography of Eastern Idaho to create a challenging environment for soil health. Several entities including the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and others have advocated for an effective cover crop presence to sequester nutrients, increase moisture retention and reduce soil erosion.

About Thresher Artisan Wheat

Thresher Artisan Wheat provides high-grade wheat for demanding consumer food ingredients. Thresher builds upon a strong legacy of a unique value-added grain system in partnership with seed suppliers, producers and milling customers all with an industry-leading focus on sustainability. Thresher has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and locations throughout southeastern Idaho, including Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, American Falls, Moreland, Newdale, Pocatello, Rockford and Schiller.

About Agspring

Agspring combines entrepreneurial teams, sustainable agriculture supply chains and superior capital partners to feed our changing world. Long-term private capital provides Agspring a solid platform for capital improvement and expansion. Agspring maintains decentralized operations and puts leadership teams in place who desire to grow into new markets including grains, oilseeds, specialty crops and food ingredients.

About La Crosse Seed

La Crosse Seed has paired an unmatched portfolio of high-quality forage, turf and cover crop seed with knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff since 1947.

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