Thresher’s Rudy deWit Earns Governor’s Award Nomination

Rudy deWit of Thresher has been recognized for his contributions to Idaho agriculture and technical innovation benefitting producers.

The Idaho Wheat Commission nominated Rudy deWit, Thresher Artisan Wheat VP of Idaho Operations, for the Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in Agriculture for his contributions to Idaho agriculture and technical innovation benefitting producers across the area.

The Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in Agriculture is presented annually to five honorees in the categories of education and/or advocacy, environmental stewardship, marketing innovation, technical innovation, and lifetime achievement.

DeWit is appropriately nominated in the “technical innovation” category. Blaine Jacobson, executive director of the Idaho Wheat Commission, described him as a pioneer.

“We are impressed with how Rudy has pioneered new domestic markets for Idaho wheat growers and, in the process, helped them sell their wheat for higher prices,” Jacobson said. “The conditioning plant in Blackfoot, which Rudy brought online and managed, allowed growers to earn $.40 to $.60 per bushel more by selling into the domestic market instead of shipping their wheat to Portland for export. Due to Rudy’s efforts, wheat from Idaho is shipped to approximately 26 states throughout the U.S.”

Jacobson pointed out that deWit also spearheaded advancements in optical sorting, X-ray technology and a grain monitoring system for wheat in storage. This has made the Thresher Blackfoot facility, and the wheat conditioning plant in particular, one of the pillars of the wheat industry in Idaho.

“There is no one else in the state of Idaho doing this,” deWit said. “This nomination not only represents technical innovation, but it represents that Thresher is committed and passionate to turning out a product that is 100 percent defect-free.”

In order for Thresher to continue to serve consumers with a defect-free product, our facilities must remain state of-the-art to ensure food security, scrutiny and safety. With his passion for creating a safe product for consumers to eat, deWit’s contributions are vital.

“In addition to excellent work in his professional endeavors, Rudy finds time to contribute to the community with volunteer activities,” Jacobson concluded. “We are fortunate to have somebody like Rudy as part of the Idaho wheat industry.”